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Haute Wrap ~ Posh Embellishments ~ Chic Packaging

  I love a glamorously wrapped gift!  
Posh paper, sumptuous ribbon, tulle,
flowers, feathers, beads and so much more.
 Creating a unique gift presentation that is
 ah so....Ooh La La!
gives me such delight and joy.
I can spend countless hours
musing over the effort and creativity
 of creating a beautiful gift.
 I find collecting impressive paper and ribbon hard to resist.
 What is it about a beautiful gift?
 The beautiful wrapping,
 holding it in your hand,
 admiring the colors, feeling the texture of the ribbon.
The specialness of it all.
The way in which the gift is presented
 .... is the gift itself!. 

 With pleasure,
Denise Franklin
Althea Franklin